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I help women in mid-life, who are experiencing feelings of depression and disillusion with their current life circumstances, to overcome life's transitions and struggles, transform their mindset, and create a life they love, filled with confidence, positivity and joy.

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As an Accredited Mindset and Wellness Coach, I can support you to transform your mindset, achieve your goals, and start living your best life, filled with positivity and joy.

Having struggled myself in my 40s with depression, and coping with big life changes, I am now living my life's purpose of helping other women who are struggling in mid-life, to overcome the negatives in their life and to grow the positives.

I am an Accredited coach with The Coaching Masters and the Integrative Wellness Academy and also a Certified Trainer for Peter Sage's 'Elite Mentorship Forum' 6-month Transformational programme.

If you are struggling right now with life in general, let me support you. Together, we can overcome the challenges in your life that are holding you back from living your best life and create a new life filled with confidence, positivity and joy.

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I was recently coached by Katy and I was so impressed! She helped me see a new perspective to an issue that has been troubling me, but also encouraged me to take achievable steps in addressing this. Katy was so easy to talk to and really made me feel at…


Really felt wonderful after my session with Katy today. Such a great energy and compassionate soul. She helped me really think of how I'll get to where I want to be. My mind is calmer and free. Thank you.


Had a great session with Katy exploring how to overcome procrastination in my life.